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Volvo Caretrack Advantage

Volvo Construction Equipment

CareTrack®* is the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system that gives you a wide range of machine monitoring information needed to help you make the right decisions for your business. It is the perfect tool to help owners reduce fuel costs, optimize performance and to manage just one or even a whole fleets’ service plan in order to maximize uptime.

CareTrack, the fully integrated remote solution from Volvo, lets you know exactly how your machines are operating at all times through machine utilization reporting. It’s the intelligent way to know everything about your productivity.

With Volvo’s CareTrack system, you can monitor fuel consumption, location, hours of operation, speed, approaching service intervals, and more. The guided diagnostics can report and analyze your machine onsite or remotely to manage its productivity and maximize uptime.

Learn more about  Volvo CareTrack Advantages with the video below.

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Caretrack Offerings

CareTrack has two kinds of offerings available, Basic and Advanced. CareTrack Advanced gives you the widest range of benefits, and comes with a three year free activation period when buying a new general purpose machine from Volvo.

CareTrack Basic works with any machine, make or model. Equip your entire fleet with the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system CareTrack, and enjoy the benefits of having one single system for all of your machines.

CareTrack Basic:

  • Machine location and position on map
  • Machine operating data
  • Geofence & Timefence
  • Daily usage report
  • Service reminders and history
  • Parts planning

CareTrack Advanced

  • All CareTrack Basic features
  • Real-time machine operating data
  • Machine utilization reports
  • Operation reports
  • Alarms/warning notifications sent to phone or computer
  • Error codes and history
  • MATRIS reports to historic machine data

CareTrack advantages such as reducing day-to-day costs, increasing your uptime and productivity, optimizing your fleet, increasing safety, and gaining total control of service planning are yours today when you sign up.

For more information, view the complete CareTrack brochure.

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*Included on general purpose machines and optional on other Volvo or non-Volvo machines in markets where CareTrack is available. Additional markets are continually being added. Other restrictions apply.

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