Doosan Air Compressor XHP1000

Doosan Portable Power builds their compressors with the customer in mind. Our compressors offer the right level of technology, from years of proven direct engine control to our innovative microcontroller and more. We listened to our customers and optimized the mechanical control of the inlet and oil temperature valves without electronics, but with fuel efficiency and durability in mind. The running gear system is designed with life-extending features that provide security mile after mile. No wonder our compressors set the standard by which others are measured.

The introduction of Tier 4i and Stage IIIB compliant engines offers us the opportunity to provide our customers with a completely new design that meets their daily demands: highly efficient, reliable, service friendly and cost effective machines that operate with minimal impact on the environment. This new package design provides a compact XHP package for geothermal, water well, and shallow oil and gas drilling.

The XHP1000 compressor has a completely new control system with a full color digital display and LED backlit gauges, providing full machine status, a fault code history and an integrated e-reader library pre-loaded with a full set of manuals for the machine. As well as the manuals in electronic form available on the display, an optional Wi-Fi interface allows for live streaming of data to operators or to the laptop, tablet computer or smartphone of service technicians. Package features include 110% fluid containment environmental base; single row core heat exchangers for ease of cleaning; fuel cooler is standard; enclosure is designed to minimize rain egression; galvanneal sheet metal enclosure for ultimate corrosion protection


Model C-13
# of Cylinders 6
Rated Speed (rpm) 1800
Idle Speed (rpm) 1350
BHP @ Rated Speed 475
Electrical Volts/Batteries, CCA 24 / (2) 1400 CCA
Engine Oil Capacity US Quarts/Liters 40 / 37.9
Radiator Coolant Capacity US Gal/Liters 17 / 64.4
Altitude Capability (Feet/Meters) 10,000 / 3048
75% Load 18.8 / 71.1 est.
100% Load 20.4 / 77.2
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal/l) 180 / 681
Operating Time (Hours) 8.5 & 9.2 est.


Free-Air Delivery (cfm/mĀ³min) 1000 / 28.3
Rated Operating Press (psig/bar) 365 / 25.1
Pressure Range (psig/bar) 150 to 365 / 10.3 to 25.1
Air Discharge Outlet Size (inches NPT/mm) 3.0 / 76.2
Air Discharge Outlet Quantity 1
Separator Tank Volume (US Gal/Liters) 92.5 / 350
Oil Capacity (US Gal/Liters) Total system 47 / 177.8

DIMENSIONS w/ running gear

Type Running Gear WAGON
Overall Length (in/mm) 202.75 / 5150
Overall Width (in/mm) 83.6 / 2123
Overall Height (in/mm) 100.5 / 2552.7
Track Width (in/mm) 78.5 / 1994
Tire Size 215/75R17.5H, 16 PLY
Shipping Weight (lbs./kg) no fuel 15,177 / 6884
Working weight (lbs./kg) with fuel 17021 / 7721

DIMENSIONS w/o running gear

Overall Length (in/mm) service valves add 8" 193.5 / 4915
Overall Width (in/mm) 83.6 / 2123
Overall Height (in/mm) 84.9 / 2156
Shipping Weight (lbs./kg) no fuel 14,230 / 6455
Working weight (lbs./kg) with fuel 16,074 / 7291
Add 600# / 272 kg for IQ System

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