Volvo Pipelayer PL3005D

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer: The productive way to place piping.

The Volvo PL3005D pipelayers deliver the machine innovation oil and gas industry customers require when operating in demanding conditions. Volvo PL3005D pipelayers are built on a stable, excavator-based platform, providing heavy equipment performance that will lift your piping capabilities and profitability.

Featuring 360° swing capability for infinite pipe placement opportunities, a unique load management system, ease of transportation and a long reach boom, built for your pipe application. From the pipe yard to the trench and in pipeline construction the machines are highly stable, with tipping capacities from 50 – 110 tons.

Top features of the Volvo PL3005D pipelayer include:

360° swing capability

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer excavator based design delivers 360 degree swing capability and infinite pipe placement options
360° swing capability from an excavator-based design delivers greater maneuverability and infinite pipe placement possibilities.

Superior stability, lifting capacity and tipping capacity

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer have the stability lift capacity and tipping capacity to safely get more done
Superior stability, lifting capacity and tipping capacity allows for safer, easier handling of large, heavy pipes.

Load Management System

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer unique load management system helps operators determine a safe load in relation to incline and boom angle
Load Management System monitors slope inclinations in relation to load and boom angles for greater safety.

Purpose-built pipelayer cab enhances productivity

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer cab provides enhanced visibility and a spacious environment for more productivity
Purpose-built pipelayer cab enhances productivity through greater visibility, spaciousness, climate comfort and more.

Versatile conversion

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer ability to convert the machine from pipelayer to standard excavator digging equipment
Versatile conversion from a pipelayer to an optional excavator digging equipment machine.

Faster service and more uptime

Volvo PL3005D pipelayer provides excellent service access for greater uptime
Faster service and more uptime via grouped points and greater access through spacious compartments.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo pipelayers are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Engine Volvo D8H
Max power at r/s / r/min 30 / 1,800
Net, ISO 9249/SAE J1349 kW/hp 169 / 227
Gross, ISO 14396/SAE J1995 kW/hp 170 / 228
Max torque at Nm / r/min 1 139 / 1,350
lb-ft 840
No. of cylinders 6
Displacement l / cu in 7.8 / 473
Bore mm / in 110 / 4.3
Stroke mm / in 138 / 5.4

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