Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

The new Volvo Wheel loader L350F – A partner to trust

L350F is a wheel loader that never compromises. It is a complete whole where the machine, the lift arm system, and the attachment together make up a dynamic unit, a solid combination of power and intelligence. It’s fast, smooth, and stable, and lifts both high and heavy. A durable loader that handles the toughest jobs, around the clock, day or night.

L350F Specifications
Engine Volvo D16E LA E3
Max power at, rpm (r/s) 1,700-1,800 (28.3-30.0)
...SAE J1995 gross, hp (kW) 532 (397)
...ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net, hp (kW) 528 (394)
Tires 35/65 R33 875/65 R33
Breakout force*, lbf (kN) 106,290 (472.8*)
Tipping load at full turn, lb (kg) 76,677 (34,780*)
Bucket capacity, yd3 (m3) 8.1-16.6 (6.2-12.7)
Log grapples, ft2 (m2) 59.2-67.8 (5.5-6.3)
Operating weight, lb (t) 110,250-119,050 (50.0-54.0)
* Rock bucket: 6.9 m3 (8.6 yd3) straight edge with teeth and segments, Tires: 875/65 R33, Standard boom
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