Volvo L250G Wheel Loader

Volvo L250G loader: Equipped to load more profit.

Volvo has been the trusted global leader for wheel loaders since 1954, and the Volvo L250G loaders are ready to help you do more with plenty of versatility and a wide range of buckets and attachments. For applications such as material and waste handling, civil construction, recycling, lumber yards, log handling, quarrying and agriculture, we have your solution.

Top features of the Volvo L250G loader include:

Volvo Care Cab

The Volvo Care Cab provides the industry standard for operator comfort and safety : Spacious, with plenty of foot, leg and personal space, complies with ROPS/FOPS standards.

Matched Volvo components

Matched, Volvo components are made to work together, for high breakout force, shorter cycle times and low fuel consumption.

Modified Z-Bar Link

This modified linkage provides high breakout forces and helps during truck loading.

Engine hood design

Newly-designed engine hood provides improved ventilation. Hood is electronically opened with a large opening angle for easier maintenance.

Volvo engine

Volvo engine provides low fuel consumption and emissions while delivering high torque at low RPM.


Volvo’s telematics system works with the machine’s internal diagnostic system to remotely track usage, productivity, fuel consumption and much more.

L250G Specifications
Engine Volvo D13H-E (Tier 4i)
.. Rated output at 1,500 r/min (25 r/s)
.... SAE J1995 gross 390 hp (291 kW)
.... ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net 389 hp (290 kW)
Tires 29.5 R25, 875/65 R29
Breakout force 65,329 lbf
Static tipping load at full turn 51,637 lb
Bucket capacity 9.0 yd3
Operating weight 75,000 - 86,000 lb
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