Volvo Asphalt Compactor DD25

Volvo DD25 asphalt roller: Finish the job, smoothly and precisely.

The Volvo DD25 asphalt roller handles small asphalt rolling jobs with ease, efficiency and versatility. It’s ideal for paving contractors with operations of varying sizes. From applications that include hot mix asphalt, soil sub-base work, aggregate-base and more, Volvo DD25 compactor gets the job done in less passes. The DD25 compactor puts operators in greater command with high frequency compaction, faster travel, 360° visibility and machined drums with chamfered edges.

Top features of the Volvo DD25 asphalt roller include:

360° all-around visibility

360° all-around visibility to the drum edges and machine surroundings from an ideal seat position, keeping the operator safely in command whether rolling forward or in reverse.

High performance frequency

High performance frequency can be adjusted to match production requirements, while permitting faster travel and the maintaining of proper impact spacing to achieve better productivity and a smoother finish.

Intermittent water spray

Intermittent water spray time adjustments can be precisely controlled for both drums, saving refilling downtime and water usage, while preventing asphalt from sticking to the drum.

Machined drums

Machined drums that are perfectly round feature chamfered drum edges to provide a smooth finish without pavement marking.

Rust-proof, pressurized water system

Rust-proof, pressurized water system provides consistent flow, eliminating asphalt pick up on the front and rear drum surfaces, while fine weave filters maximize spray coverage and minimize clogging.

Easy-access engine compartment

Easy-access engine compartment features an easy to open, tilt-forward hood for complete maintenance, inspection and service access to the engine and hydraulic components.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo compactors are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

DD25 Specifications
Engine Kubota D1803-M
.. Rated output at 2400 1/min
.... SAE J1995 gross 24.8 kW (33 hp)
Drum width – ROPS protection 39 in (1000 mm)
Drum width – Cab version 47 in (1200 mm)
Vibration frequency 3 300 /4 000 vpm (55/67 Hz)
Vibration centrifugal force – ROPS protection 8,318/5,620 lbf (37/25 kN)
Vibration centrifugal force – Cab version 8,992/6,295 lbf (40/28 kN)
Operating weight – ROPS protection 5,400 lb (2 450 kg)
Operating weight – Cab version 5,725 lb (2 600 kg)
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