Volvo DD24 Compactor

The Volvo CR30 uses both a high-frequency vibrating drum and pneumatic rear tires to achieve maximum density while compacting hot mix asphalt (HMA) and other semi-cohesive materials.

Top features of the Volvo CR30 asphalt compactor include:

  • Tier 4A engine.
  • Automatic vibration control with a 66,7 Hz (4 000 vpm) frequency for best-in-class rolling speed and maximized production output.
  • 299 l (79 gal) water system with automatic flow control increases productivity by extending refilling intervals.
  • Separate 20,4 l (5.4 gal) emulsion tank and pump provide additional tyre spray-down.
  • Large-capacity 68,1 l (18.0 gal) fuel tank for all-day operation.
  • Optional FOPS and foldable ROPS.
CR30 Specifications
Drum width 52 in (1 320 mm)
Vibration frequency 4,000 vpm (66,7 Hz)
Vibration centrifugal force 7,500 lb (33 kN)
Operating weight w/ ROPS 6,566 lb (2 978 kg)
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