Volvo CR24 Compactor

CR24: Two compaction methods for outstanding results

The Volvo CR24 uses both a high-frequency vibrating drum and pneumatic rear tires to achieve maximum density and smoothness, while compacting hot mix asphalt (HMA) and other semicohesive materials.

Top features of the Volvo CR24 asphalt compactor include:

  • Tier 4A engine
  • Automatic vibration control with a 66,7 Hz (4 000 vpm) frequency for best-in-class rolling speed and maximized production output.
  • 299 l (79 gal) water system with automatic flow control increases productivity by extending refilling intervals.
  • Separate 20,4 l (5.4 gal) emulsion tank and pump provide additional tyre spray-down.
  • Large-capacity 68,1 l (18.0 gal) fuel tank for all-day operation.
  • Optional FOPS and foldable ROPS.
CR24 Specifications
Drum width 47 in (1 200 mm)
Vibration frequency 4,000 vpm (66,7 Hz)
Vibration centrifugal force 7,100 lb (32 kN)
Operating weight w/ ROPS 5,742 lb (2 604 kg)
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