Featured Equipment of the Month – Excavators

Previously featured in our “5 Most Popular Machines Used On Worksites” blog, we established excavators are a standard in the construction industry. Though primarily designed to move earth, excavators can also be fitted with a variety of attachments to handle a wide range of jobs from digging holes, removing stumps, to aiding in demolition and removing rubble.

Excavators from McClung-Logan Equipment Company

Here at McClung-Logan, we offer the a full line of Volvo excavators, which includes compact, crawler, and wheeled models.

Compact Excavators

These machines are the smallest excavators available and boast a reputation of being cost-effective, efficient, and ideal for working tight job sites. Thanks to levers and travel pedals managed by hydraulic servo controls, they deliver precise and progressive movements. They’re also job site friendly machines, with their compact nature increasing fuel efficiency while simultaneously decreasing the footprint and damage they leave at the area where you’re working.

Contrary to the idea that “compact” implies these machines are used for light work on small job sites, compact excavators are incredibly versatile and have the ability to be outfitted with a variety of attachments, so contractors can quickly change attachments to address any job site’s needs.

Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled excavators generally handle construction and utility work and are best suited for jobs that require flexibility and digging. These machines are also known for their speed, as they can travel significantly faster than tracked models of similar weight. In addition, their load sensing hydraulics and a high-torque swing motor allows for faster cycle times.

Though similar to tracked excavators, they’re considered easier to maintain because they have fewer parts that are subject to wear-and-tear—you’d only have to change out their tires instead of changing track plates, chains, rollers, sprockets, etc. Overall, wheeled excavators are resourceful machines to have on site as they can dig like a tracked excavator but are able to transport themselves to various locations, instead of requiring a truck or trailer.

Crawler Excavators

Though crawler excavators, also known as tracked excavators, are limited in their transportation abilities going site to site, they feature impressive horsepower and are best for the big jobs, from quarrying, mining, and road building, to general construction. They have a reinforced boom/arm and superstructure as well as a reinforced steel roll-over protection structure, which ensures that they are safe, efficient, and durable.

Additionally, their high breakout and crowding force is supported by an advanced hydraulic system that enables smooth, responsive digging and lifting. Crawler excavators are best suited for jobs that are on softer, uneven ground and have a reputation for being the high-production digging machine of choice.

Our Volvo Partnership

As a well-known and longtime trusted brand, Volvo excavators offer:

  • Industry leading fuel efficiency
  • New safety design Volvo Care Cab—advanced features that lower noise and vibration levels, improve climate control, and provide better visibility
  • High quality undercarriage
  • Reinforced superstructure
  • Low emissions levels

Figure out which type of excavator will fit your specific needs and check out McClung-Logan’s inventory here!

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