Featured Brand of the Month – Volvo

McClung-Logan is proud to offer products from one of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers: Volvo. Volvo’s articulated haulers, excavators, and wheel loaders will get any job done safely with quality and assured efficiency.

McClung-Logan Equipment Company, Inc. Volvo Articulated Haulers

Articulated Haulers

In 1966, Volvo Construction Equipment invented the world’s first articulated truck and have been producing top-of-the-line equipment ever since. The articulated haulers perform well in a variety of terrain, from deep mud to dust, due to their Volvo drivetrain features.

Additionally, the care cabs in each provide a safe environment for operators to work and perform their best. The easy service access, featuring anti-slip steps and a 90-degree tilting hood, allows for the trucks to be easily repaired or cleaned if something should go wrong or just regular maintenance.

McClung-Logan offers a variety of articulated haulers, including the Volvo A40G, A40F, A35G, A35F, A30G, A30F, A25G, and A25F.


Save time and money by using one of Volvo’s various excavators, such as their compact, wheel, and crawler excavators. These quality machines are built to last and are environmentally friendly. With low emission levels, 95% of the machine being recyclable, and industry leading fuel efficiency, you can’t go wrong with choosing Volvo.

Good things come in small packages

The compact excavator is perfect for working tight job sites. It is fuel efficient and ensures operator safety. The compact excavator gets the job done with its precise controls and easy maneuverability around constricted spaces.

McClung-Logan offers the Volvo ECR88D, ECR88, ECR58D, ECR58, EC55C, ECR30, EC35C, EC20C, ECR,28, ECR25D.

Efficient and Flexible Wheeled Excavators

Volvo’s line of wheeled excavators are the perfect choice for general construction utility. Their high travel speed and durability allow for efficient work time as well as adaptable travel on/off road from job site to job site. They are the perfect choice when you need flexibility and digging performance on a job site. Wheel excavators can handle everything from general construction sites to utility work.

McClung-Logan offers a variety of Volvo wheeled excavators that will be sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Safe and Durable Crawler Excavators

The crawler excavators are simple and easy to operate because of features like an easy-to-read LCD display and rear cameras. These safe and durable machines help the most daunting jobs, like quarrying, mine road building, and construction, finish easily and successfully.

McClung-Logan offers a long list of crawler excavators—you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your next project.

Wheel Loaders

From compact loaders to large loader equipment, Volvo is sure to have the perfect machine you need for your job site. Wheel loaders can help with carry operations, waste handling, landscaping, and more. With dependable engines, versatile attachments, easy service, and unmatched lift and height reach, Volvo wheel loaders will help you succeed at any job.

Check out the compact wheel loaders and standard wheel loaders McClung-Logan provides.

Each and every machine comes with the qualityperformance, and safety you expect from the Volvo name. Contact us and find out more information about the Volvo products that McClung-Logan offers and why they are the best choice for your job site, today.


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