Choosing the Best Attachments for Your Excavator

A staple of any demolition site, excavators are classified as heavy construction machinery that work off of a rotation platform, commonly referred to as the “house” of the excavator. While excavators are extremely powerful pieces of equipment, various attachments can take them to the next level, allowing for increased functionality.…
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5 Tools To Better Manage A Construction Site

Role of a construction site manager Worksite managers are a vital component to any operation out in the field. They are the direct connection between employees and upper management, bridging the gap between demands and results. As a worksite manager, your responsibilities span from worksite safety to meeting scheduled deadlines.…
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Volvo Fuel Efficiency

In recent years, Volvo Construction Equipment has made several groundbreaking innovations in the process of moving toward a more fuel-efficient world of construction equipment. With their OptiShift technology, Fuel Efficiency Guarantee, and CareTrack system they are leading the industry in construction efficiency and productivity.…
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Getting the Right Tires for Your Equipment

Matching the right tires to the right piece of construction equipment not only improves machine performance, it also increases its efficiency and therefore improves your company’s overall profit. Tire selection is not a simple process. It involves understanding what works best with your specific machinery as well as what will be most appropriate for the job site.…
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How to Properly Store and Handle Fluids for Your Equipment

Emphasizing proper fluid handling and storage procedures for your work environment helps improve machine performance, reduce frequency of maintenance, as well as decrease owning and operating costs. Find general strategies for safe and effective fluid storage as well as details specifically about handling diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for Tier 4 engines below.…
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Protecting Your Equipment: How to Prevent Construction Site Theft

Construction companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs on their worksite and tend to focus on methods that make their equipment more efficient. But one of the best ways to prevent income loss is to prevent equipment theft. Though this seems obvious, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that construction equipment and material theft account for over $1 billion a year in losses.…
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Featured Equipment of the Month – Excavators

Previously featured in our “5 Most Popular Machines Used On Worksites” blog, we established excavators are a standard in the construction industry. Though primarily designed to move earth, excavators can also be fitted with a variety of attachments to handle a wide range of jobs from digging holes, removing stumps, to aiding in demolition and removing rubble.…
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What To Consider Before Buying Pre-Owned

Buying pre-owned equipment has become an increasingly popular option in the construction industry. In certain circumstances, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a pre-owned or “used” machine can be significantly less than the overall expense of a brand new piece of equipment.…
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5 Most Popular Machines Used On Worksites

Earlier this year, Equipment World did a study to evaluate the equipment buying habits of excavating contractors to find the most popular machines used in the industry. They sampled companies’ equipment purchases from 2010 through November 2014 and divided the results into three size groups–small, medium, and large–based on their annual sales.…
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Transporting Your Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment in a safe and timely manner to a job site is a critical component to any construction project. Most people use heavy equipment transportation companies to move their equipment to the location they need it to go. However with so many options to choose from, knowing what to look for in a heavy equipment transportation company is extremely important.…
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Featured Brand of the Month – Volvo

McClung-Logan is proud to offer products from one of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers: Volvo. Volvo’s articulated haulers, excavators, and wheel loaders will get any job done safely with quality and assured efficiency. Articulated Haulers In 1966, Volvo Construction Equipment invented the world’s first articulated truck and have been producing top-of-the-line equipment ever since.…
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