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How to Properly Store and Handle Fluids for Your Equipment

Emphasizing proper fluid handling and storage procedures for your work environment helps improve machine performance, reduce frequency of maintenance, as well as decrease owning and operating costs. Find general strategies for safe and effective fluid storage as well as details specifically about handling diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for Tier 4 engines below.…
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Protecting Your Equipment: How to Prevent Construction Site Theft

Construction companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs on their worksite and tend to focus on methods that make their equipment more efficient. But one of the best ways to prevent income loss is to prevent equipment theft. Though this seems obvious, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that construction equipment and material theft account for over $1 billion a year in losses.…
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Top Safety Tips: Safely Operating Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is some of the most powerful machinery there is today. However, their formidable abilities also make them some of the most dangerous machines to operate. Though modern equipment has more safety features than ever before, operators still need to be alert and always exercise caution when controlling the machines. …
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