Bandit Beast 1680

Model 1680 – Beast Recyclers / Horizontal Grinders

The Model 1680 “Son Of A Beast’ is the ideal machine for small land clearing operations, municipalities, recycling yards, and tree services looking for an efficient way to reduce and dispose of brush, limbs, pallets, slab wood, bark, sawmill waste, logging slash, palm, construction waste, Christmas trees, and other tree waste on site. Compact and easily maneuverable from one location to the next, the Model 1680 is also an excellent unit for tree services looking to turn their unwanted chips into a usable end product. Chips can easily be ground into a valuable mulch that can be used for a variety of applications. It features a 16″ diameter capacity with its 18″ x 52″ mill opening and can be equipped with a wide array of engine options ranging from 200 to 325 horsepower. For companies that specialize, the Model 1680 can also be configured specifically for shingle grinding or with a self-contained coloring system.

The Model 1680 is equipped with the patented Bandit cuttermill, which has proven to provide the most efficient means of breaking down a wide variety of materials. With a Bandit cuttermill you have the option of cutting, splitting, grinding and chipping with the opportunity to mix and match cutting devices to allow for the production of uniform material with varying sizes. The cuttermill turns downward, which not only helps to pull material into the mill but also allows it to be positioned for a decisive splitting action similar to an axe rather than a more violent, intensive, and less effective hammering action found on other grinding platforms. The result is less vibration, less fuel consumption, and more structural integrity when compared to machines that carry more weight and horsepower.

The Model 1680 features a 26-tooth setup on its cuttermill, allowing it to process a wide array of materials with ease with its 36″ diameter cut radius. Different combinations and styles of cutterbodies and teeth can be configured to control the amount of bite, assist in forwarding material through the screening system, and dial in the preferred size and consistency of the end product. A chipper knife set-up can also be equipped on the Model 1680, allowing it to produce a dimensional, screened chip that can be used for fuel and other applications demanding a consistent, high-quality, precisely-sized chip.

A single-speed 10′ long x 52″ wide rubber belt infeed conveyor serves material to the cuttermill at 20 feet per minute on the Model 1680, where it is met by 20″ diameter x 52″ wide internally driven floating top feed wheel which can guide brushy material into the cuttermill chamber. The cutting action is performed against a replaceble anvil that is full-width adjustable. Component weight is distributed and supported on a sturdy frame constructed from 1/4″ thick steel with 20″ deep formed high tensile steel plating and cross-section bracing using continuous welds for structural integrity as opposed to bolt-together techniques. Thus, in combination with two 12,000 pound axles, the Model 1680 can provide the necessary physical reinforcement to hold up for many years of service.

A 15-foot long x 48″ wide single-speed stationary discharge conveyor provides a total discharge stacking height of 9 feet. A folding discharge conveyor measuring at 30-foot long, however, can be ordered as an option for those that want a higher discharge height to load top open trucks and trailers.

Customize your Model 1680 to the fullest with many productivity enhancing options. While a tether remote control comes standard, a radio remote is also available permitting an operator to control the unit from an auxiliary loader feeding the grinder. An upgrade to a steel infeed conveyor is also a popular option as well as a magnetic head pulley for retrieving nails from the flow of ground material on the discharge. For sizing material, choose from a variety of screens ranging from 3/4″ to 6” in diameter. Other add-ons worth considering are an engine precleaner, a reversing fan, a folding infeed pan, an auto-walk system, and an air compressor. A full palette of standard and custom paint colors give you the freedom to choose the look to fit your brand or company.

The Model 1680, as with all Bandit Beast Recyclers, is designed and equipped with operator safety, user-friendly control, fuel efficiency, and simplified maintenance in mind. Components that are easily accessible save time on routine maintenance schedules and reduce downtime by being more serviceable out in the field. Feel free to contact a sales representative and ask about fuel savings statistics and production numbers based on your individual situation and needs. These factors, in combination with above-and-beyond factory support for your success, have proven over time that choosing a Bandit Beast Recycler is the best economical decision you can make for a long-term investment in a horizontal grinder.

Length: 30'

Width: 8'

Height: 11' 7"

Weight: 25,000 lbs.

Mill Opening: 24"h x 52"w

Diesel Engine Options: 160 HP - 275 HP

Electric Motor Options: 150 HP - 250 HP

Mill Size: 20" dia. x 52"w

Feed Wheel: 20" dia. x 52"w

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