AEI bivi-TEC

bivi-TEC Screen

The bivi-TEC’s unique dual-vibratory screening process eliminates clogging and blinding of the screen openings to save downtime and increase productivity. Dual vibration from a single drive is the unique feature of the bivi-TEC® Screen. Two weights, vibrating at the same frequency, move relative to each other which tensions and relaxes the screen mats. The linear momentum of both vibrating movements is adjustable, resulting in open screen surfaces and optimal screening performance.

bivi-TEC Features

  • Fine screening of moist material.
  • Eliminates blinding and plugging.
  • Large effective screen area-high capacity.
  • Effective in all weather conditions.
  • Highly flexible for varying material requirements.
  • Long life polyurethane screen mats.
  • Rugged construction/low maintenance.
  • Lower energy usage.
  • Low profile.


The bivi-TEC® was developed to screen even the most demanding materials.

  • Manufactured sands, chips and aglime.
  • High-moisture materials combined with silt, mud, and clay.
  • Incinerator ash, trash, waste coal, clay, sand, and slag.
  • Compost, leafy materials, wood waste, and peat moss.
  • Auto shredder fluff, shredded tires, and roofing shingles

The bivi-TEC® Screens are designed for screen cuts of 35 mesh to 2 inches. The boltless attachment of polyurethane mats guarantees effective screening, rapid changing of screen mat, and elimination of clogging. The 13" wide mats offer greater flexibility in tuning the screen to achieve the final product-resulting in a lower replacement cost. Approximately 15 minutes is needed to change 50 square feet of screen surface.

The bivi-TEC® is available in sizes ranging from 800mm X 3M (3' x 10') to 2400 mm x 8M (8' x 27').

The following options are also available:

  • single deck
  • double deck
  • rigid scalping deck
  • portable/stationary units
  • custom sized to fit your installation
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